The RAF11 provides opportunities for a range of sponsor and exhibitor objectives, enabling interaction with key players in the field while marketing products or services.

RAF11 is expected to attracts up to 100 attendees with following backgrounds:

  • Aquaculture nutrition/feed manufacturing specialists
  • Academia: Research scientists
  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Large scale farmers
  • Feed manufacturing (Formulators, ingredient purchasers, production managers);
  • Leaders, managers
  • Equipment suppliers and other stakeholders,


  1. A/Prof. Dr Pham Quoc Hung, Chairman, NTU
  2. Dr. Nguyen Tan Sy, Vice-chairman, NTU
  3. Dr Le Anh Tuan, Forum manager, NTU
  4. Dr Truong Ha Phuong (RIA3)
  5. Dr Vu Anh Tuan (RIA2)
  6. Dr Nguyen Van Nguyen (RIA2)
  7. A/Prof. Dr Nguyen Quang Huy (RIA1)
  8. Dr Nguyen Van Tien (Evonik)
  9. A/Prof. Dr Tran Thi Thanh Hien (CTU)
  10. A/Prof. Dr Nguyen Nhu Tri (NLU)
  11. A/Prof. Dr Le Thanh Hung (NLU)
  12. A/Prof. Dr Tran Thi Nang Thu (VNUA)
  13. Mr Lukas Manomaitis, USSEC